Dale Marcouillier, Founder, Integress Solutions

Dale Marcouillier
Founder, Integress Solutions

Dale Marcouillier started his leadership and teaching career at the age of 23 in the mall retail environment.  His career path led him into several warehouse distribution endeavors, where he successfully led teams ranging from 25 individuals to an excess of 400.  He has started up distribution centers and trained team members for world renowned organizations such as Nike, Barnes and Noble, Slimfast, Hurley Clothing, Ricoh Copiers, Leapfrog Learning Toys, Nextel Communications, The Kroger Company, and DHL Global Mail.

Dale is a self-proclaimed “success junkie”.  He lives by the words of the great Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, who said, “You will be the same person you are today five years from now, except for the books you read and the people you meet.”  To this end, in his spare time you can usually find Dale engrossed in a personal development book, or jogging to his favorite self-help audio or message series.

In 2008 Dale began to fulfill a dream of taking the principles he had learned over the years and apply them in a manner that would assist others on their own paths to success.  In 2011 Dale and his wife Gina started Integress Solutions, which provides training to individuals, organizations and businesses in the areas of Personal Development, Goal Achievement, Time Management, Communication , Leadership, Financial Wellness, and Personal Accountability.

Dale resides in California with his wife Gina of 12 years.  He has six amazing kids and just recently became a grandfather, although he professes to be WAY too young to be one!

Interested in having Dale speak at your next community event, or inspire and motivate your team with a practical, no-nonsense message?  Email him directly at dale@myintegress.com!